What is the most comfortable and efficient source of heat?

Radiant in-floor heating wins every time when it comes to comfortability and efficiency. 
Not only does it provide even, continuous warmth it is also quiet and reduces allergens that might be hidden in your air ducts. 

Is yearly maintenance on my heating and cooling units really worth it?

YES! In fact, regularly maintained units operate more efficiently than unmaintained units. Improperly maintained units = increased running costs. See below for a seasonal checklist 

How often should I change my furnace filter?

Furnace filters should be checked monthly, if they look dirty replace them. Its that simple.


    • 1″ filters at least every 3 months (if not sooner)
    • 2″ filters every 4 months
    • 4″ filters can last 6 -8 months
    • 5″ filters can last up to a year.

**REMEMBER** these are guidelines, these numbers may not apply to every household. Eg. pets, smokers, renovations etc. If you see dirt in your filter it is about 50% plugged.

Is there a difference between the filters I buy at the store and filters provided by technicians?

Absolutely there is! Filters purchased at your local hardware store are typically a lower MERV value than the ones that a service technician would provide. Make sure to check out the MERV value when purchasing your own filter, an ideal MERV value is 11 or higher. 

What should my humidity level in my house be?

Ideally around the 35% range but anywhere between 30%-40% is okay. Going above the recommended levels can lead to window condensation which we all know is breeding grounds for mold. 

What is a variable speed furnace blower?

A variable speed furnace blower adjusts its speed according to the heat setting of the gas burner. It starts off on a low speed and continually ramp up until they achieve the optimum speed for the current heat setting. Once the desired room temperature has been achieved it slows down. This ensures that cold air is never circulated during the heat up and cool down cycles of the furnace while also circulating most of the heat being generated by it during those segments of the heat cycle. 

Heat Pumps

A variable speed heat pump can trim energy costs by as much as 40%. Using a heat pump means having one major appliance which does double the work. They can work throughout the year to keep your home comfortable.

Tankless Hot Water Heater

A tankless water heater provides unlimited hot water for up to 3 appliances simultaneously during the coldest winter temperatures all while using 46% less energy than your conventional tank type water heater.

High-Efficiency Furnace

High-efficiency furnaces convert 90-97% (depending on the model) of the energy from gas into heat, which uses less fuel. This meaning lower utility bills, not just nickels and dimes either; the savings can be hundreds a year.

Programmable Thermostat

Although opting for a programmable thermostat is more money up front; the long term money-saving benefits far out-weigh the initial cost of the unit. In every season you can program the thermostat to your ideal temperature by setting a personalized schedule of your typical day, when you return home or before you wake. For each degree that you adjust your setting over an 8-hour period, you can expect to shave 1% off your bill.  

WETT Inspections

Along with being required as part of your home owners insurance, WETT inspections give you peace of mind when it comes to the safety of you and your family. Wood burning appliances have the potential to release harmful pollutants into your home as well as increase the chance of combustible materials to ignite. It is important to have these appliances regularly inspected and properly maintained.

Wood Burning

You can cut emissions and increase efficiency when burning wood by following these simple steps:

  • ​Burn seasoned, dry, split hardwood
  • Run on a high fire, 10-15 mins after each refuelling
  • Don’t reduce the burn rate too much
  • Don’t have smoldering, overnight burns
  • Ensure good draft
  • Circulate hot air away from the stove area to the rest of the house

Best Hardwood for Burning

Seasonal Checklist

Before each season your heating and cooling equipment should be inspected by a professional to ensure it is working to its optimal performance levels. But just because you have your equipment inspected annually or bi-annually, doesn’t mean you should neglect it the rest of the time. Click below for our checklist to help keep your equipment running problem free all year long. 

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